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A unified solution to back pain.


The Back Pain Team

A streamlined service for the diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of spinal pain.
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Back and neck pain are some of the most significant causes of ill health in the UK and the highest cause of sick leave from work. Research shows that 40% of people experience back pain each year. There are many possible routes of referral for these patients, each one leading to a consultation with a different specialist. As a result, diagnosis and treatment are delayed, which dramatically increases the chances of developing chronic pain.

The Back Pain Team is a new service that has been set up in the heart of Buckingshire to provide early accurate assessment and management of back and neck pain. By simplifying the referral process to a multi-disciplinary team, we will reduce the time from referral to diagnosis and the relief of pain. Patients are also seen at a number of satellite clinics at other hospitals, with all appointments being centrally controlled.

A New Concept

  • To simplify the referral process for patients with spinal pain, The Back Pain Team provides a consultant led assessment, diagnostic and treatment planning service.
  • The Back Pain Team has been set up to offer both GP's and patients a better alternative to the current management of spinal problems. We make it easier for patients by taking our service direct to the community, offering a choice of clinics and GP surgeries.